If you’re like most people, you can’t always find time in the day to do laundry, wash dishes, and clean the house. And who can blame you? After you’ve walked the dog, packed the kids’ lunches, went to work, picked the kids up from school, dropped them off at soccer practice, finished getting dinner ready, and squeezed as many other things as you can in between, it’s perfectly understandable that you wouldn’t have time to do a few loads of laundry before hitting the sack. That’s where we come in!

Pick-Up And Drop-Off Laundry

At New Bridge Laundromat, we are pleased to offer pick-up and drop-off laundry services so you can have your laundry done for you while you’re out and about. We understand how busy life can be, and that chores like laundry often fall by the wayside when you have a hundred other things on your to-do list. So next time you’re running to the grocery store or are on your way to pick the kids up from band rehearsal, grab your laundry basket and leave it with our friendly team members, who will have it washed, dried, and folded by the time you get back.

Use Our Wash & Fold Laundry Service

There’s no easier way to multitask and get your laundry done while you’re running errands than by using our pick-up and drop-off laundry service. Drop your laundry off at New Bridge Laundromat in Bergenfield today, or contact us to learn about our other laundry services!